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photo by Annie Bull

Welcome and thanks for visiting me.

As you can see from my images I’m in love with all the bits and pieces that make up the tapestry of life. Things that are well used, shiny and beautiful, things that make our hearts beat faster, things that cause us to stop and ponder. Basically all the things that make up the smallest moments and the largest accomplishments in this wonderful journey called life. As a photographer it’s my privilege to make images that visually represent all the things you stuff into this one-of-a-kind life you’ve been given. The good news is that this journey is chalk full of experiences, relationships and growth. The bad news is that this life comes with an expiration date. To be able to capture some of these fleeting moments for you is truly an honor for me as a photographer.

Personally my one-of-a-kind life includes: friendships that have lasted for decades, family that I would choose as friends and work that continually makes me wish I had another lifetime so I could keep learning. I was born in the Northwest and after college settled in the San Francisco Bay Area in a beautiful little spot called Los Gatos (The Cats). My life’s personal details include having a Masters in Psychology from the University of San Francisco and working as a photographer in a 4th generation Auction Company, Neale & Sons Inc., in Saratoga, California. I share my personal journey with a husband, three sons and a box of paints that have been neglected for years. I have a good sense of humor, love to make things grow and am passionate about Photography.

I fell in love with Photography back in the film days. When the first digital cameras came out I immediately jumped on board excited to take our auction sales global. With a world-wide buying community well-educated in Antiques and Fine Art the need for sharper more detailed Photographs became a must. Every time I pick up a camera I’m challenged to find the right light, to capture the finest details and to help uncover the authentic beauty in that moment. Life is made up of a lot of things, including things that are beautiful, messy, fleeting, and exciting. I’d love to capture some of those moments for you.

Under His Mercy,  Karen

“Gear is good, vision is better”. David deChemin, photographer

That being said, my gear includes:
Cameras: Canon 5D mark III, and a Canon 5D mark II

Canon Lenses:
85mm 1.2
24-70mm 2.8 L series
70-200mm 2.8 L series
17-40mm 4 L series
100mm 2.8
(5) Canon Speedlites

Drone: Phantom 2 Vision Plus